Legal and General Life Insurance

Legal and General

  • Established were in 1836
  • Best Life Assurance Provider 9times 2004 – 2013
  • Protection Provider of the Decade Award 2013
  • Million of customers
  • Terminal illness covered to the last 12 month
  • Suicide excluded in the first 12 month
  • Cover life to age 80 and CIC to age 70. Max 40 year term

Legal and General was founded in 1836 and today has over 10 million people as customers that it helps with saving, investment, building retirement pension and insuring.

Legal and General aims to help people achieve financial security in all the countries they operate in an affordable way, and are investing in economic growth to build a positive future for all.

Legal and General’s strategy is based upon five global trends that it believes are reshaping the world and changing the way people think and behave.

In addition to its institutional insurance businesses, Legal & General is increasingly serving its corporate, institutional and retail customers through its asset gatherer businesses of LGIM, LGR and LGC. These businesses are working together to deliver consistent, sustainable and attractive growth. Executing a clear and focused strategy based on five key long term growth drivers: 1) Ageing Population (2) Welfare Reform (3)  Creating Real Assets (4) Globalisation of Asset Markets and (5) The Digital Age.