Secrets to protecting yourself and your loved ones, life insurance demystified.

Arguably, the most important thing to most people is family. Most people if they had their way would like to protect their loved ones and themselves in the event of anything happening in terms of death or life threatening illnesses. Times have changed and insurance products like Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection are now accessible to everyone. The secret is making sure one ends up with the type of cover that suits their needs and circumstances. Even if someone has cover in place it is never too late, to make the necessary changes that allows them to have the cover they deserve, after all the last thing one wants if anything were to happen is to suddenly realise the cover is not adequate for their needs.

How Life Insurance Policies work

A Life insurance policy is taken out to protect loved ones in the event of death or illness of a terminal nature. Policies can be taken out for any length of time, depending on the person taking out the policy and what they are trying to protect, be it family, a mortgage, or your rent with an Income Protection policy, which help pays a portion of one’s income if involved in an accident or off work sick depending on the nature of the illness. A Life insurance policy triggers a pays out on death but the payout can take much longer if the policy is not in Trust, in some cases up to 6 months. The sooner the payout, the more likely those left behind can be relieved off the financial pressure that comes with arranging the funeral or dealing with the affairs of a loved one. On the other hand, Critical Illness Cover or CIC is about the here and now, designed to cover serious illnesses that the holder of the policy might incur during their lifetime. Such illnesses are not limited to just certain types of Cancer but include other illnesses such as Heart disease and Stroke. A critical illness as some people like to believe does not necessarily have to end in death, in fact as advances in medicine continue many people will make a full recovery from illnesses that only few years ago meant almost certain death. A payout to the holder off a Critical Illness Cover policy will help the holder through the period of illness. The lump sum amount can help with paying essential bills such as the mortgage or rent without the holder of the policy worrying how they meet their ongoing financial obligations.

Insurance Companies and Life insurance policies

What people do not sometimes understand is that different Insurance companies take a different attitude to covering certain conditions, such as say Diabetes or High Blood Pressure and so on and so forth. The reason why this is an important point is that getting a quote online does not necessarily mean the person in question will be accepted by the Insurance Company in question. Online quotes give a rough guide but in some cases they are way out when other factors are taken into account such as height, weight or any family history of certain medical conditions. What we do at Critical Insurance Cover (CIC) – is always try to make sure the client fully understands how the process works around acceptance but also make sure that the person as best we can is put with a company that is more likely to accept them. Some companies, depending what type of policy you take will cover your kids up to the age of 21 at no extra cost. In addition, different companies provide cover up to different ages than others; it could be cover up to age 80, 85 90 or even Whole of Life (WOL) cover. In addition, some companies offer extra services such as a Legal services help line, that allow you to ask questions for free etc etc

Don’t be held back by fear

Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover are two things that some people don’t like talking about and understandably so. However, the sad truth is that bad things do happen. Recent figures suggest that 1 in 3 of us will suffer from some form of cancer in our lifetime. The good news is that recovery rates for Cancer are much better than they were 20 years ago, so even if the worst were to happen having cover in place can make that recovery as hassle free as possible. If we can spend £100 a month on booze, cigarettes or our mobile bill surely we can sacrifice as little as 50p a day in some cases to get a policy that covers ourselves and our loved ones.

How do I get a policy or have a talk about one?

To get the ball rolling today, all you need to do is take 1 of 2 simple steps: 1) Leave your details on our website: to generate a quote, if you have already done so we will be in touch asap. 2) Call the number on our website (020 8004 2797) for a free non obligatory discussion on how you can take things forward. Take one of the two simple steps and we will do the rest!! If you take out a policy with Critical Insurance Cover (CIC), we will reward you with M&S vouchers – T&Cs apply. Also, if you refer a friend to us and they take out a policy, you will receive a cash reward, with no limitations on the referrals you can make and hence your cash reward.